Sundress : Jamaica in Brown and Turquoise

Sundress : Jamaica in Brown and Turquoise


Sundress : Bamboo Paradise Black

Sundress : Bamboo Paradise Black

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Sundress For Summer


Visit a shopping mall or simply make a trip down Commercial Street or Brigade Road and there are a few things you would notice for sure. The window displays have changed, the mannequins appear rather dressed down and of course this also implies the end of the much loved end-of-season sales in most stores. 

But the end of something is the beginning of yet another thing. And in terms of fashion, the spring/summer collections have already made their way to the racks. As important as it is to pick the right clothes for the sweltering summer that lies ahead, one mustn’t forget to choose the right accessories as well. Here’s a guide to what’s hot for Summer 2010. 

Jewellery: Small studs are back in style. However, you could keep your chandelier earrings for an evening do. Multiple-chain necklaces are a must-have. Silver jewellery is a wise option. Also, teeny boppers have already been spotted wearing wooden bangles. Beads in bright colours like purple and yellow are uber cool. They go well with the tunic/jeans avatar. 

Belts: Narrow belts are hot, especially when worn on jeans. Chunky belts are in. Go in for bright colours. It is all about contrast. However, you could opt for a fashionable bow-belt or a broad, big buckle belt to team with a short dress or with a sundress that requires a little jazzing up. 

Watches: For a formal occasion, a stone studded watch is a good choice. It’s best to a wear casual or sporty watches during the day. Broad straps are hip. 

Footwear: Flat is the way to go this season. From gladiator sandals and sling backs to Kolhapuri chappals and Osho slippers, women have a wide range to choose from. For an evening out, wear kitten heels. They’ve made a huge comeback. Casual wedges go well with jeans. 

Bags: Small is cool. Leave your oversized bags at home. You’ve used them far too much. Now’s the time to carry jute and cotton bags during the day. Make sure you carry a clutch for a formal evening gathering. Snakeskin bags are also happening — make sure it is faux though. 

Sunglasses: Big is best. Get the perfect pair that suits the shape of your face. Go in for colours like brown, fuchsia and purple. 

Hair accessories: This is the perfect time to wear a nice broad hair band. Go in for the summery one that has floral prints in pastel shades. The tiny hairclips your daughter uses are what you can wear too! 

Read article : http://beta.thehindu.com/life-and-style/fashion/article243277.ece 

Author Neeti Sarkar

bamboo hibiscus sundress

Bamboo Hibiscus Sundress

Hope springs eterenal, with the accent on the word “spring”.

Here in Charlotte we had a brief window of warm that vaulted the thermometer all the way to (almost) 60!

Almost immediately there were sundresses at the grocery store, as if March first had a physical lever to the amount of  heat in the atmosphere.

Well it is summer somewhere.

Lisa has a post that lets us remember what it was like last year when the weather FINALLY broke… http://thelizardlady.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/spring/

Meghan writes about spring in Georgia… http://nahgemitteg.wordpress.com/2009/03/10/spring/

And finally the Lore Librarian goes into the vernal archives…http://lorelibrarian.wordpress.com/2007/03/21/spring/

Sundresses out there

Looking about the world for sundresses of note….

Plussizeclothingnews has an old post on a plus size sundress. Great beachshot, tells the thousand word story of why every woman should have a sundress she loves.

Collegecandy has a good posting on how to ‘toughen up’ a sundress. Maybe a new good trend, you get to wear something really comfortable with the keep-warm accessories.

Boomtownbedoir is hilarious. She’s simply to smart to be a slut, not buying it girl. A quick post that I wish I had written to shame my own ancestors  :~)

Casalilliehook has a virtual sundress, mayhap how fashions are designed now.

There are hundreds of folks out there with this interest, I am looking forward to being a small part of the larger whole